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Passion: A Key to Learning

Quotes from two great educators on how passion and insatiable interest make up for all deficits when learning something.

“You can be an artist without visual images, a reader without eyes, a mass of erudition with a bad elementary memory. In almost any subject your passion for the subject will save you. If you only care enough for a result you will almost certainly attain it.”

-William James, Talks to Teachers, 1899.

“Despite appearances, this common language of the educated is neither difficult in itself nor overwhelming in extent. The well-read have not read everything…In any case facility does not come by grinding away of nights and memorizing obscure facts…But what is required for mastery is a lively and insatiable interest. This is the thing that cannot be faked.”

-Jacques Barzun, Begin Here: The Forgotten Conditions of Teaching and Learning, 1991.


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