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Prayer Request

Hello to anyone who reads this. Quick prayer request. My current Hebrew class is a total beast, the professor is rushing us through more material than they have ever taught in 1 semester before and is asking us to do some difficult requirements on top of that (like learning vocabulary from English—>Hebrew).

Currently I’m struggling mightily with doing that class. I don’t like languages in the first place and this 1 course is consuming as much time as my other 3 courses combined. Because of this I’m considering quitting my job, which would be very abrupt and which I would like not to do, however I currently feel like I have no time for it. Hebrew has also been causing me to slack on my church responsibilities that I’ve committed to.

I haven’t used absolutely every spare moment of my time on homework, but I feel like I’m getting pretty close to that on most days, and I’m wondering where the extra time will come from. It’s a privilege to get to study these things in the first place, so I need to remind myself of that, and in perspective there are certainly much worse things than being swamped with seminary coursework. Nevertheless, prayer for me would be appreciated. Thanks friends =)


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