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Three great videos

Highlight videos are the best. I probably wouldn’t have watched these entire matches, but I love the highlights. Hrmmm….and I can’t figure out how to embed these because NBC’s Olympics Youtube channel appears to be evil, but the links are there if you want.

1. US Women’s Soccer def. Canada

I don’t really watch soccer, but this video is great and it made me love the American team.

2. Misty and Kerri def. China in Beach Volleyball semi

Some absolutely incredible volleyball. And you’ve got to give it to the Chinese women, they play some incredible defense. 2:41=fantastic.

3. Kessy/Ross upset Brazil in Beach Volleyball semi

The duo team of two former USC Trojans. After losing the first set to #2 Brazil the commentator says that, “The Americans are going to have to find the fountain of youth or a little bit of magic somehow.” No, silly. They know how to fight on. They just found their Trojan spirit.

Things to watch today:
The completely American beach volleyball final. Since it’s 4 Americans, it’s a happy U.S. gold/silver combo no matter what. On the one hand, Misty and Kerri get to 3-peat which would be great, on the other hand two USC Trojans win, which would also be great.

And Allyson Felix, that all star 200 meter sprinter and Trojan in the final. Hope she dominates.


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