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Some great Olym…

Some great Olympic tennis finals in the next couple of days.

1. Mens Single’s Final

Andy Murray (Great Britain) vs. Roger Federer (Switzerland). This is a rematch from just a month ago when Federer beat Murray in the Wimbledon final, after Murray was the first British man in 70-some odd years to make it to the final. I don’t know how much confidence I have, but I really hope Murray can pull this one through. It would be absolutely fantastic for him and his country.

2. Women’s Singles Final

This one is on tomorrow morning, Maria Sharapova (Russia) vs. Serena Williams (USA). I know I should cheer for Serena (and a part of me will), but I really like Sharapova a lot more. Either way, I’ll be happy with who wins it, but inside I might be tempted to pull for a team other than the USA.

3. Men’s Doubles Final

The Bryan brothers (USA) vs. Tsonga and his partner, who I haven’t heard of (France). Easy choice. Go Bryan brothers!

4. Others

In the women’s doubles there will be an interesting match with the Williams sisters (USA) vs. Kirilenko and Petrova from Russia. It would be great to see the Williams sisters win this gold. And in mixed doubles you’ve got Bob Bryan and Lisa Raymond (USA) in the semis. GO USA GO.


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2 thoughts on “Some great Olym…

  1. just stumbled upon the Williamses against the Russians on accident after watching a Honduran loss in soccer (gah, Brazil again). sad they got categorized under “Others”

  2. Ha, it was nothing personal. They just weren’t in a final yet at that point, so they got put in the “others” category.

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