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A Great Site

I just found this excellent site The Theologian. It’s essentially conservative, reformed evangelicals, writing theology for the church. And that is what we need more of.

If you’re interested in the doctrine of justification, there are a number of excellent articles by Lee Gatiss on it. I just read two. In the near future I’ll probably be putting up a couple posts defining the doctrine, it’s importance, and it’s implications.

1. The Reformed Consensus on Justification: In this little article, Gatiss masterfully and concisely sums up the Reformed doctrine of justification while showing many of the biblical texts that Reformed theologians have made their distinctions with.

2. Justified Hesitation? This article is for those interested in contemporary debates; Gatiss summarizes and briefly critiques some of the work of J.D.G. Dunn on justification. The only thing I wished for here is that he would point out more of the history behind taking Paul’s phrase “works of the law” to refer to either ceremonial or social aspects of the law. This view isn’t so “New” and didn’t start with Dunn, but can be traced straight back through Pelagius, Jerome, and Erasmus, among others. Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Turretin, and others have all devoted significant time in the past to combating this idea, which ironically keeps resurfacing.


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