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This post deser…

This post deserves a properly Puritan-length title, and so I will call it:

To All Sports Fans: An Oration on the Glories of USC Football and the Absurdities of the NCAA; A Most Excellent Topic Presented For Your Consideration

Actually this post isn’t mine though. Read this to see why the NCAA blasted USC for no good reason, why you shouldn’t hate USC Football, and why this year will be excellent. Excerpt time:

Lastly, you should be rooting for USC this year. You should be rooting for them because they’re led by a stellar QB with a heart of gold who takes missionary trips during his school breaks, is still dating his high school girlfriend, and is completely genuine (he’s kind of a dork). You should be rooting for them because they’ve had one player arrested in the past three years (cough cough, Florida). You should be rooting for them because Lane Kiffin, despite media reports, is a pretty funny dude who is pulling top-10 recruiting classes when he’s allowed to sign 10 fewer guys than anyone else around. His dad is his defensive coordinator for goodness sake! It’s adorable! You should root for them because they went on the road last year, played only 43 scholarship guys and beat a top-10 Oregon team, then beat UCLA 50-0, and had to sit at home and watch those two teams play for the Pac-12 ‘Championship.’ You should be rooting for them because when they had nothing to play for last year, they went 10-2 with an incredibly young team.

-David Bahnsen


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