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Summer Reading

Each year Al Mohler posts a summer reading list for himself and I never seem to know any of the books on it. Aside from having heard of a few of them, this year is no different. Too bad though. While I start Hebrew in a week and thus most of my free time to finish reading is already up, here is what I hope to read this summer (and almost certainly won’t get to all of it).


1. Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings (Luther)

There is probably no way I’ll finish this, but I’ll just keep chugging on it.

2. How To Read a Book for All It’s Worth (Mortimer Adler)

I’ve been supposedly reading this book for 6 months now. I should probably actually finish it before another semester of tons of reading comes around.

3. The Hobbit (Tolkien!)

Gotta re-read this before the movie in December for sure.

4. The Covenantal Case for Infant Baptism (a lot of people, ed. Gregg Strawbridge)

Complete with the cute little baby picture on the cover, I’m a little ways into this one. Continuing to get my head around the case for infant baptism.

5. Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ (Tom Schreiner/Shawn Wright)

The other viewpoint.

6. The Age of Reform: 1250-1550 (Steven Ozment)

An intellectual and religious history of Europe over 300 years. Got this in the mail the other day and was happy with how not ridiculously long it is.

7. The History of Jazz (Ted Gioia)

I’m normally not into reading books about jazz, but I hear great things.

8. John Lennon: The Life (Philip Norman)

I really doubt I’ll make it to this one this summer, but I’d love it if I did.

9. The Trellis and the Vine (Colin Marshall/Tony Payne)

Currently reading this one for a class at church (it’s about church ministry…not gardening).


I’d be really happy if I made it through 6 or maybe 7 of these before September rolls around.


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