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Personality Types and Fleshly Desires….In Conflict?

I have often wondered how the names we give to personality types (introvert, extrovert, all the Myers-Briggs categories, the StrengthsFinder stuff) plays into our process of sanctification. These categories of personality tell us who we are, but while we can have a God-diversity in personality, we are nevertheless not who we wish to be at a core level. We are simultaneously justified and yet still sinners. So we cannot let our “personality” be an excuse for the desires of the flesh.

In this regard, consider how an introvert (I’m one) might use these categories as a cover up for the flesh. They might say, “I know the Bible says to be hospitable, but I’m an introvert and frankly don’t like having people over. I’d rather spend this time by myself, others are more gifted at hospitality.” Sounds all too familiar.

In the style of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, Jared Wilson has written an interesting piece on this.


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One thought on “Personality Types and Fleshly Desires….In Conflict?

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love personality/strengths test, so I look forward to reading the blog you referred to.

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