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The image of God

I apologize in that I have been posting a lot of quotes lately, but I think this one is pretty fantastic so here’s one more.

This definition of humanity, mankind as the image of God, illuminates the harmony of biblical truth. If mankind is the image, does not the prohibition of making images of God appear in a new light? God himself has placed his image in his cosmic sanctuary, and he wishes due homage to be paid to it by the service of mankind, the neighbour created in his image. And Christ joins the first and great commandment with the second which ‘is like it’–‘You shall love the LORD your God…you shall love your neighbour…’; surely the logic behind that is the likeness between God and his image. The same logic is appealed to by James, when he is indignant that with the same mouth ‘we bless the lord and Father and we curse men, who are made in the likeness of God’ (Jas 3:9). It appears also to lie behind John’s argument about loving your brother (1 Jn 4:20).

-Henri Blocher, In the Beginning, 86 (emphasis mine).

Mankind as the image of God does have interesting implications for the making of any other images of God. Does the incarnation in some way sanction the making of images of God (read: pictures of Jesus) because Jesus was a human being who could be seen and touched? To me the discussion is still open, but I remain unconvinced.


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