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Hello friends,

If anyone reads this, I would love for you to help me out with a little bit of your creativity. So my problem is this. I have to write a 12-15 page paper for a class on the church (we cover “the doctrine of the church” and church government-type stuff) about whatever church-related topic I want and I feel like a total car stuck in the mud trying to come up with a paper topic on this one. There are two types of papers I can write, they are:

1. A Research Paper
-Here I get to research any church-related topic I want and write 12-15 pages on it.

2. A Ministry-Oriented Paper
-This paper would work something like this:
a. Start with a problem/ministry issue that you are facing or might potentially face (ex: how to handle a specific type of church discipline)
b. Go to Scripture: what is a biblical-theological analysis of this issue? How does Scripture speak to it?
c. Go confessional: how does your tradition answer this issue?
d. Implementation: So what is your ministry proposal? How would you handle this issue in the life of your ministry or church?

So as you can see, the door is pretty wide open on what I can or can’t write on. I have been struck by a case of analysis-paralysis and would love your help on coming up with a paper topic. Please let me know if you have any ideas!!!


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