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I’m not sure if it’s proper blog etiquette to post about yourself, but it seems like other people do occasionally so I will too. Plus, I’m sitting in Starbucks, I’m bored, and my other option is to read the PCA Book of Church Order. So yes, this is an easy decision.

Anyways, at some point (I think last summer) I broke out the little moleskin notebook that I have but that I almost never use. Essentially I carry it around should I want to take notes about something (which I usually don’t), and it makes me look like a good, trendy, 20-something Christian. But on this occasion I actually took it out aside from any external motivations and proceeded to compile a list of my biggest long-term life goals. I had never really thought about what those would be concretely before but they came to me rather quickly and I don’t think they’ve changed since. They were and are:

1. Be used by God as a means of transforming other peoples lives by the gospel.

2. Coach a high school tennis team.

3. Play music fairly regularly (weekend gigs, occasional teaching, etc.)

4. Adopt two children. (this would come after hopefully getting married somewhere in there first)

5. Be remarkably average.

Those are probably my big five goals. Other smaller (or maybe just less realistic) goals would include: having a personal home recording studio, becoming something of an expert on Martin Luther, getting much better at piano, learning Spanish fluently (this will happen!), and mentoring younger people. If people started living to 200 I’d try and learn Chinese as well.

Do you have a top 5 list? (or something similar?)


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