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5 snippets from my life

Well, I’ve been meaning to post since I got home and have been delaying it for a week now. I thought that by this time I’d have some profound reflections on coming home from one’s first semester at seminary and what all of that entails….but I really don’t. So, in lieu of any profundity, here are five snippets that have stood out in my life instead.

1. I read painfully slowly
This one has struck me as I’ve spent quite large chunks of time reading over the past few days, to seemingly get almost nowhere. And it’s not that I’m reading 5 pages of this book here and 5 pages of that book there. No, it’s pretty much all in the same book, where I would hope that I’d be able to see that bookmark move a little more than it has. This provides me with a bit of reflection.

For one, I will probably not be able to be D.A. Carson at about 450 different points each year (as he says that he reads about 500 books per year). That’s just not going to happen for me. What is more, this gift of being able to read at uber-speeds, judging by their copious amounts of footnotes, appears to be something that God has gifted all biblical scholars with. So I will never be able to be a great biblical scholar. That’s ok though, I never really wanted to be.

Hopefully I will get something out of the things that I am able to read. For me this means that I have to allow significant amounts of time for my own learning, and that I need to be very judicious with which books are and aren’t worth reading.

2. USC Football is back
So, you didn’t think this blog would degenerate this quickly from higher learning to college sports? Guess again. But seriously, our USC rock star junior quarterback Matt Barkley announced yesterday that he will forgo the NFL draft and return for his senior 2012 season. By all accounts this means serious Heisman Trophy hopes for Matt and serious NCAA Championship hopes for USC. After the ‘ole NCAA tried to squish the life out of the Trojans (as if such a thing were possible) with monstrous sanctions, Troy has risen from the ashes and will soon eagerly dominate college football once again. Fight on!

3. Green Bay Packers on Sunday
In continuing with the sports theme, thanks to a well-placed phone call from my mom, I get to go to the Green Bay Packers game this Sunday! In case you were wondering, yes I am excited to go to a night game and potentially freeze to death in order to see Aaron Rodgers and crew squash some Chicago Bears. Go Pack go.

4. Seminary infection
This fourth point is somewhat more serious. I believe that during my first semester at seminary I have been infected. Before you worry though, after assessing all symptoms I can thankfully say that I believe zombie-infection is ruled out. Nevertheless, this disease is potentially as serious and perhaps as deadly. I believe that at some point during this semester, seminary subtly infected me with a desire for self-motivated learning.

What I mean is, now that I’m done with classes and have turned in all my work for the semester, I nevertheless find myself wanting to do more work. In fact (likely because there are not grades and due dates), I find myself more willing to read than I was even with 1500-page reading assignments sitting in front of me. All in all, I think that I much prefer self-directed study to deadlines and papers. (I am even beginning to like reading Greek Grammars……ahh! do zombies like Greek???!!)

5. Mr. Horowitz
Lastly, I am finally teaching myself one of my favorite pieces of music that I have been intending to learn for years. It is by Liszt. It is beautiful. It is underrated. And it is performed fabulously here by Mr. Vladimir Horowitz.



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2 thoughts on “5 snippets from my life

  1. beautiful song. how’s it coming?

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