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Christopher Hitchens

Justin Taylor’s post about the death of Christopher Hitchens last night is an interesting one. In particular, the short video clip at the end is an intriguing look into the mind of the man. Also notable is Doug Wilson’s obituary in Christianity Today.

Wilson offers two quotes that I think are worth pondering:

“If other religions offer equally valid ways to salvation and if Christianity itself may be understood solely as a code of morals and ethics, then we may as well all become Buddhists or, better, atheists. I intend no offense, but it takes one to know one. And when I read much Protestant theology and religious history today, I have the warm feeling that I am in the company of fellow unbelievers” (The Southern Front, pp. 9–10)

“Unbelievers can smell accommodation, and when someone like Christopher meets someone who actually believes all the articles in the Creed, including that part about Jesus coming back from the dead, it delights him. Here is someone actually willing to defend what is being attacked. Militant atheists are often exasperated with opponents whose strategy appears to be ‘surrender slowly.'”


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2 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens

  1. oh fascinating. you see, I knew when I had some spare reading time this blog was the place to go. I didn’t know Christopher Hitchens had a younger brother that trusted Christ!

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