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First Post

Hi everyone,

This is a new blog I’m going to be doing mainly to keep anyone interested updated on my life out in Massachusetts. God has been very kind to me in allowing me to come to seminary and I’ll be posting about what I’m learning, any exciting things that are happening, and prayer requests as well. I figured I’d start out by giving a little photo blog preview of my new living situation. The campus is gorgeous in the summer, come wintertime though I’m sure it will get really chilly up here!

This is the Kerr building where I am living. It’s where about 50% of things at Gordon Conwell take place.

The Retreat house, which is single women housing, and probably the prettiest building on campus.

The hill behind the Retreat House which becomes the campuses favorite sledding hill in the winter.

The tire swing with a playground in the background. One big change from my undergrad…here lots of the students have kids!

A lamppost with the seminary coat of arms attached.

The outside entrance into the Chapel, which is connected to the Academic Center.

So that is a little photo snapshot of Gordon Conwell. Please pray for us and for the whole east coast as Hurricane Irene rolls through over the next couple of days!



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2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Does it snow? Is it snowing? Have you pictures? Does it snow at where you’re from in Wisconsin?

    • It does indeed snow in Massachusetts. And yup, snows in Wisconsin too (though it’s been slow in coming this year!). We’re supposed to get our first real substantial snowfall tomorrow.

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